February 1st, 2014

wattatai room

uma uma 6

happy year of the horse! horoscopaly this is supposed to be like OMG BEST YEAR for me since horses and dogs get along, is what I read, and I would really really like that right about now. Since the mailman wrote the girlfriend's name on my mailbox label this morning (I was so confused when I got home lol), I guess we're off to a good start.

Except how I tried to take a nap and had like the most prototypical teacher anxiety dream in the world, where I was in a huge class and nobody would listen to me and other people kept coming in and interrupting and then they brought in a new student suddenly and I broke my glasses. Like I've gotten used to the fact that I have anxiety dreams and there's nothing I can do about it over the last couple years, but jesus christ, sometimes it's hard not to feel like even my brain is working against me. Can't you just let me sleep ( ._.)

I need to work on my tomochoco some more this weekend, or like...anything. It's just hard to concentrate on anything so I've been knitting and rewatching Prince of Tennis. I learned how to arm knit, which i scoffed at initially but it was kind of entertaining and very fast. I gave the scarf I made to the first lady at school who told me how cool it was. I might try again with some thicker yarn, mine wasn't quite thick enough to make it go properly.

I watched the Snowdome concert(s) last night, and it's definitely one of my favorites. I was really happy about song choices, costuming, dances, everything. I felt like I saw a LOT more of SMY2, Senga especially, like at one point after a costume change I thought he was Mitsu for half a song because they were showing him so much. They all, all 7, looked and especially sounded awesome. I liked Mint a lot? But it didn't give me all the feelings like this one did. I had trouble getting into the Ikuze disc because it was just bits and pieces, but I was okay with that after how good Snowdome was. Ironically the thing that affected me the most was the Fujigaya/Yokoo, just because Taipi especially looked so happy, like there's concert happy, and then there's the look on Taipi's face when he yells that he loves Watta and throws his arms around him. Watta is just clearly the person he loves more than anybody else in the whole entire world, and it's super sweet. Out of kisumai they're arguably the most likely person and least likely person to have made it to debut, and somehow they made it together after all.

FEELINGSSSSSSSSS. everything is made of feelings right now, sigh. okay I'm going back to knitting.

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