February 5th, 2014


4 days to go

No school again~ this is our second snow day this week, and it's fucking up our whole calendar but goodness do I ever not care. If there was any week I needed to be at school as little as possible it's certainly this one, so we can go to school until June 30th for all that I care. The guinea pigs are sick of my face though. When I get up all late and finally open the curtains they are just like uuuugh youuuuuuu.

We're supposed to get some other storm this weekend, first it sounded like Saturday and now it seems more like Sunday? So long as girlfriend gets here safely Saturday whatever happens is fine, even if it's too dangerous/ugly to go to NYC on Sunday. I want to see ONE OK ROCK and I feel like I'll probably never see them if it doesn't happen this weekend, but right now it just feels like one extra pain in the ass i don't need. Anyway, it looks like she'll be lucky and sneak up here in between Nika and friend, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Rewatch of Prince of Tennis is up to 105, which is the start of the Rikkai matches, except not because it gets interrupted by training camp. My DVD player was actually playing all my files just fine until here, which was super nice, but finally I hit a batch of bad aspect ones which it refused so I'm using my computer despite it's whining about the disc. I always feel like I could have a lot of Rikkai feelings if we didn't get to them so late, which is sort of a shame. Like maybe if they went back and did last year's season with Rikkai as the main characters I would love them pretty hard.

Instead what I have are Fudomine feelings. FEELINGS. I want all these animes that I'm never going to have, like next year's season where the main focus is Seigaku/Fudomine the whole way until nationals, and then spending all year in between playing each other a million times, and then the year after when Tachibana goes to Seigaku high school because Fudomine isn't an elevator school, and then the year after when Seigaku and Fudomine are reunited as Seigaku's team except for Ryoma but it doesn't matter because he's gone pro anyway. Tezuka too, maybe. I want ridiculous doubles matchups and Kamio and Momo to shout at each other lot and Shinji to complain about Inui juice and Tachibana to be captain someday, and i want it to break my heart into little pieces and it would be the best, best thing. I want them to go to Nationals together as all one team after they've been awesome rivals for like two years, I WANT IT.

Also I want the anime with ichinen Hyoutei and ichinen Rikkai. That can even be the same anime.

I'm like maybe halfway done with my sweater, woohoo. Hopefully this one will not look as patently ridiculous as the first one does, or that one i made in high school which in all seriousness i should just unravel and do again. And last night I made butternut squash curry with pork cutlets, since the pork was the cheapest thing at the grocery store, and my mom said it tasted like the thing she gets at the japanese restaurant. Lol, that's pretty high praise, so I was pleased with myself. Gonna have leftovers for lunch now~

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