February 15th, 2014


yay sleeping on my parents' couch

wait, actually not yay at all.

US Airways canceled my flight last night, which was supposed to leave 9:30 this morning, so I spent like 3+ hours on the phone trying to get to Florida for my stupid graduate school interview. Now I get to leave sunday morning at 7:45am instead, arrive at the wrong airport 8 hours later, have an uncle pick me up so that the next morning we can drive like 2 hours to my interview/test, and then after a whole 28 hours in Florida I get to fly back up here until midnight and go to school the next day.

so I'm spending the night on my parents' couch because it seemed unfair to wake the girlfriend up at like 5:30 am, esp after I sent her into allergy attack overdrive by cleaning guinea pigs with her in the room yesterday. I should have probably thought that through harder, but no, of course I did not.

Maybe this is still last week move-in/ridic nyc trip/messed up school week stress talking, but if I cannot get through something soon without it turning into a huge clusterfuck, I feel like I am going to go honestly out of my mind. everything I touch lately turns out so complicated I just can't hardly stand it.

Before that, I was having a very nice valentine's day where I got cute presents first thing in the morning and then met the girlfriend for coffee after her job interview and we even managed dinner at a the Asian fusion place without waiting for hours. They had jellyfish on the menu, but we did not partake of that. We had sushi and red bean/green tea ice cream instead. It was really nice, before I interrupted the whole thing with hours of useless airline hold time.

I guess I ought to try and sleep. Keep your fingers crossed that I even make it to Florida, at the rate I'm going.

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