May 5th, 2014

it's a kitty

limiting factor

threw on one of my old navy dresses this morning because it was easiest. All day long people kept telling me how cute it was, and I just could not have given fewer fucks about it. that's nice, I guess. it helps exactly nothing and earns me 9 periods of repetitive conversations all day, but that's nice. from outside myself, I knew that it was stupid to get irritated when people were trying to compliment me sincerely, but the longer it went on the more I just felt like seriously who even cares please stop smalltalking at me.

i am so done with this school year and also this headache, which I have had for days and days. nothing seems to help it, not even the ridiculous amount I've been sleeping, so I just keep netflixing or popcorn time-ing things as a distraction. I'm really caught up on terrible movies, as a result. I have a bunch of fic tabbed, but I just don't want to.

I've been watching Attack on Titan, since I kept getting told how great it was. Mostly I just think it's weird and a little gross, but it's not romantic at all so I keep going because that's another thing I have zero patience for right now. I have to pick something new for drama night tomorrow since we finished Otomen, and with that as a limiting factor idek what we'll be watching.

I've knit so many socks in a row that I basically don't need the pattern anymore. I made myself a pair finally, out of the super snobby Socks that Rock yarn. It's very nice! Although I'm not sure it's the $18 that I paid for it nice, much less the $26 that it usually is not on sale. But I have another skein to use up of it. meanwhile I'm working on a blanket math teacher asked me for. last year at this time all I wanted to do was crochet, but right now it has to be in conjunction with a movie or something else because it's not enough of a mental distraction.

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