June 24th, 2014

law & order

and their extinct relatives

Spent a very busy weekend in NYC with [personal profile] musesfool! On Friday we checked out the Tenement Museum, which was incredibly interesting. We did the apartment of the Irish family, and I'd love to go back with my brother or teacher friends and do some of the other others. Then we walked up to St. Mark's Place to have dinner at the Crooked Tree Creperie, which is always the best thing ever. It's so tasty! Also we discovered a pudding place right near it, which was probably the last thing I should have eaten after all that sangria, oops.

On Saturday we did the Natural Museum of History, where I had shamefully never been to see the dinosaurs. they have a poisons exhibit and a pterosaur exibit on right now, both of which I felt were totally worth the money, and then we did a planetarium show too which I enjoyed. Plus dinosaurs! and we did most of the marine life stuff too, but man, there is so much stuff there. then we went down to 14th st and walked around the Highline, which is an old train track that they made into a public garden (because apparently hours and hours of walking wasn't enough). It was beautiful though, on a nice day, I definitely recommend that.

Sunday I went to karaoke by myself for a couple hours before the train, and originally i felt loserish about that, but it turned out to be a good idea cause apparently singing some of those songs in front of other people won't be okay for a while. But I did sing Bad Boys and have had it stuck in my head ever since. And then i hit up the Wafel and Dinges truck, because wafels.

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sigh, it's whatever. up next, vacuum, making pistachio chicken, finish this pinch, and maybe clip some more magazines.

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