June 30th, 2014

yasui isn't impressed

Not even 170cm

i have no more adult spoons oh my god. NO MORE.

*I made a bunch of phone calls I was putting off, the worst of which was calling comcast to get a better rate on my internet when I move. They dropped it $10 a month. I could have held out for better I guess, but I hate talking to strangers on the phone beyond all reason so I was relieved anything happened and I could stop worrying about it.

*took another (probably the last) box of books down to 2nd and Charles. Going through the books a last time was the last non-packing thing I could arguably do, since I already did a last pass of the clothes and the DVDs. Now I have to actually pack. I put books in two boxes that were sitting there and then I just kind of got overwhelmed and quit. My excuse was that there weren't enough boxes.

*mailing address, cable service, and utility have all been changed for the new place. i realized later i have to call the insurance people though, oops.

*tuition check for grad school still has not come. I LEAVE ON SATURDAY. oh my god please come in the mail tomorrow so I can stop worrying about it, please please please. I called and left a message about it but didn't hear back so now I have to call more. DO NOT WANT.

*I put together a suitcase of clothes for florida but i can't really cope with the rest of it. I have no idea what I'll need/want for 2 weeks down there. you'd think I'd feel like this is starting college again but instead I feel like when I used to go to camp for a week and was intensely bad at making friends quickly.

ugh whatever. I went and had a very big ice cream and then looked at the Grand Pineapple resort online with my mother, because I absolutely want to go to the Grand Pineapple. For reasons.

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