July 7th, 2014

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love is a pyramid scheme

I am safely in Florida, if you haven't got that news already. The drive wasn't that bad really, aside from being stuck in traffic for an hour twice the first day, and the extended stay hotel is kind of nicer than I expected. I mean, it's not WOW AMAZING, but...idk it seems clean and there's a little kitchen and for the ~$50 a night I'm paying them, I'm pretty satisfied. Also there is Hoarders on my TV! I need to do homework, but Hoarders! This is my show.

Stuff that went fine today:
*finding the classroom and getting there on time.
*class itself - I translated a section and didn't humiliate myself and felt like I was at an okay reading level for what's going on (others in the class = not so lucky). The professor was pretty entertaining and it was okay even though we were there for ~5 hours.
*got myself on the internet at school with no drama, reading the text on the laptop during class was fine, maybe even preferable because then looking up words on the fly was easier.
*(eventually) getting my parking permit and student ID. There was a false start this morning on the phone when the parking office said I didn't have a pass, and a failed attempt to get my ID during lunch, but second try on both those things went fine.
*Gonna get Japanese for dinner since there's a place right next to the grocery store called "Miya" so I laughed when I drove by yesterday.

*grocery shopping D: But i have a kitchen and i'm gonna use it, dammit
*headaaaache. it's stress, and heat, and not enough sleep, but one dose of excedrin didn't do it this afternoon, which is unusual and really not okay. I'm just so sick of them. Like it's not enough i'm depressed and stressed out, I have to feel physically poorly as well.
*it seemed like most of the people knew each other at class this morning, and nobody really hung around for lunch or after to work or anything, so not so much on the making some kind of friend front. it really is just like summer camp.

anyway, homework time. man it is so much reading, SO MUCH. grad school, man. yikes.

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