July 14th, 2014

shintarou rules joo

bokura no mirai e

more than halfway done with my class. My presentation was Friday and it was a huge relief to get that out of the way, and then the first test was Friday morning, which I got a 95% on, so barring disaster with the second test I think that this should turn out okay. At least until I try and write the paper. I absolutely see the appeal of just staying here another week or two to get that done, next year I'm going to think really hard about doing that.

I was so exhausted Friday night that I crashed and slept super later, but then of course I couldn't sleep at all Saturday night. i guess the worry about the class was supplanting worry about moving and everything else when I get home. whatever, i went out to some snobby yarn place near here and bought some yarn. and then I went to the Trader Joe's, which I had never to been to one before! I can see the appeal, man, they had a bunch of cool stuff. I bought green tea mochi and sparkling blueberry juice.

I've been addicted to Puzzles and Dragons for like two weeks, which is basically a cross between a match-3 game and pokemon. WHY DOES THAT EXIST. addictiiiiive. Also addictive is FREE! which I liked the first season of so much i'm thinking about piloting it for drama night even though it's animated. Second season is so good!!

Today is magic birthday day! I hope Hasshi and Shintarou go out together and get food or something. equally I hope that whatever ABC has planned for Hasshi, Shintarou is not at all a part of. I'd try and turn out some fic, esp since it's my shiritori turn, but i can't seem to FQF properly and then there's the hours of homework i'm doing every night, ugh.

speaking of that, I guess I'd better get on it.

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