July 21st, 2014

ella fitzgerald

gonna change you like a remix

I am home from Florida. The drive was uneventful but sort of painful because a) i really needed to schedule a hangover day in there between latin camp finish and driving home, nts for next year and b) i in no way wanted to come home and deal with all the stuff that's here. Also you really don't want to drive the bit of 95 that goes from the virginia border to the 295 bypass around Richmond. I got stuck for 1-2 hours in that chunk both ways, and every other part of the drive was no problem.

So moving is happening tomorrow, I guess. I'm surrounded by boxes and I can't really pack any more boxes until these ones go away, not that it stops my parents bringing me more of them. Tonight I have to pack up my kitchen which is the last big thing, and i have some other dumb errands to run that I want to do none of. i don't wannaaaaaaaa. right now is the worst part where not doing it is probably worse than just getting it over with but so much change haaaate. also apparently my brother is not coming up to help, which my parents told me instead of him. Thanks a lot, bro.

Last night I also got a text from one of my best friends at school saying that she's leaving to go do an admin job, and then I cried for like ten minutes because seriously that is the last straw. I quit this whole year, okay, i just quit. Everything sucks and I've had it. I don't understand why all of this worst bullshit ever has to all happen at once and the only reason I don't just stay in my bed at home and refuse to come out is because right now there actually isn't a place that feels like home at all. AWESOME.

FREE fandom is eating me. I need there to be so much more of that show, and then I read the novel and all the feeeeelingsssssssss. I started fic but who knows what'll happen with that because moving and fqf still isn't done and oh yeah i have to write a 15-page research paper for my class, right that. also i accidentally conflated all the characters with 5*STAR so there's a sort of secondary hilarity to all of it.

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