July 26th, 2014

it's super effective

i met a girl who kept tattoos for homes that she had loved

I continue to fail at FQF, which i think might be due tomorrow, so here have a post instead.

This is coming to you live from my new porch! This whole week was moving, which was nightmarish, and my apartment is still basically filled with just boxes. The chinchilla made it over, but the guinea pigs haven't come from my parents' yet, although that might happen today. I spent all Tues and Wed moving stuff over and all Thurs cleaning the old place. The rental lady said I'd get my whole deposit back, which is nice if not nearly so large as the deposit on the new place, and a day's rent back too since I finished a day early. It's probably like $20 or something, but w/e.

How to clean walls: magic eraser for dark spots (I used Target brand) and then wipe down the whole wall with swiffer pads. OH MY GOD IT WAS LIKE MAGIC. We also used the powder resolve (red can) for the carpet and it was so impressive i'm going to do it at the new place as soon as the floor is clear. The lady asked if we'd had them shampooed!

I'm covered in big ugly bruises and some scratches, and I'm sure there'll be more because hardly anything is where it's supposed to be. My big wood entertainment center was a casualty of the move, they had to take it down to individual pieces of wood to get it out of the basement, so I just bought a new one online, which'll be here next week. I also lost a bookcase, which had been sitting in that spot so long that it basically exploded when we tried to move it.

i still feel pretty blah about the whole thing. the new place is much nicer and there's a lot more space and light, so it's a pretty big step up, but idk. if there's a lifetime quota for ugly crying then I won't be doing very much of that later on. Everybody keeps trying to get me to say how great it is and I just...not so much.

I really have to finish fqf. ugh.

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