July 31st, 2014



Lifetime quota for ugly crying apparently not full yet. there probably isn't a prize for that anyway, you probably just evolve and then drop back to level 1 and start all over. bibitarou evolves into waaaaanchan.

my research paper is more or less done, although I have to read it all through again to make sure I didn't leave any [write something intelligent here] spots, as I do. somebody else I guess ought to read it as well, but there's a bunch of Latin. my prof said he would look at drafts but...i don't like doing that when they're the person who grades it in the end. if they tell me to change a bunch of shit, I will have to, when mentally I have already checked out of the topic. I think I'll just turn it in early tomorrow and say that if he sees major problems to pretend it's a draft.

the guinea pigs made it here and are stacked in the corner, and I was sort of unpacking but then paper. plus the disaster yesterday where instead of writing my paper I spent all day fucking with the internet, going to buy a new router and modem because I guess two people was more than my el cheapo 10 year old setup could handle, and then promptly spent four hours calling comcast nine times. That's not an exaggeration, neither figure. so no paper writing was had.

I also can't sleep for more than like 3-4 hours at a time even though I'm so exhausted its ridiculous. it's just the last straw in a lot of ways. like i'm not already miserable enough, for fuck's sake. it's not like I got a new bed (again) or whatever, so there is no reason for this bullshit. all I can think about is how school is going to start in 3 weeks (ps one of my best friends is leaving my building ugh) and it's going to be so much energy and stress and new people and I just can't. I cannot. I have done thing after thing after ridiculous fucking thing since like February and I cannot do any more of them.

i watched a bunch of law and order today and I don't see tomorrow being any different. if it weren't for that and one piece i wouldn't be able to cope even this pathetically.

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