August 14th, 2014

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you say tomato and i say tomato

first thing: got a really nice monogrammed tote for me and my mom from Livingsocial. Link is here if you want it, and since it's LS, if a couple other people get one from your link, yours is free. I figured I can't be the only fangirl who loves a good tote bag. I'm saving my mom's for her birthday present in a few months.

I spent two days stenciling my plain blue comforter with fans and sakura. I used the oil paintstiks to do it, and I have to say they were awesome. Since it's basically a solid (it's oil paint suspended with enough wax to make it a crayon kind of) it didn't seep underneath the stencil edge at all. I got stencil paper from the craft store and cut out my own and i think they worked just as good as the ones I bought. the sakura shapes and the fans were all stencils I cut out myself. Here's two of the pictures I took with my phone quick yesterday:

I have to let it dry a couple days and then heatset it in the dryer. I'm so scared I'll ruin it after all that work!! I was in particular proud of the fan stencil, which had one layer for the basic shape and another stencil for the pattern so i could mix colors all I wanted. Maybe next time I'll cut out some other patterns to use for it.

In other artsy news, I sent out three photos I've taken to be blown up to poster size for my living room, and they look amazing. One is of the Miyajima tori, one is from Kiyomizudera (which is my favorite temple), and one is a close up of some sakura. I feel super proud of myself. It maybe makes the opposite wall full of JE posters look a little stupid, but that's okay. I still haven't quite decided what to do with some of the other stuff, since the new living room is a completely different shape than the old one.

Then this morning dad and I went to do our free tomato picking from the CSA. Tomatoes are heavy as hell, you guys. So now there's a bag of like 50 of them in my kitchen. not sure whether I have enough energy to do sauce today or if it might have to be tomorrow. I only do it once a year but it takes foreverrrrrrrr. My back is super sore from hunching over the stencils on the floor too, so it might have to wait.

I got my grades back for my summer class/paper, and I got an A on both! I was relieved, and also could finally submit my grades to my school district to get paid back (woohoo!). We're in the middle of contract negotiations and I have some concerns about what's going to happen with tuition reimbursement, but for now they haven't given me any trouble yet.

also I have 7k of shintarou with a secret baby fic that is Rory's fault and somehow I lost all control over.

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