September 28th, 2014

bunny fail

a Latin teacher, a German teacher, and a Spanish teacher are talking about chinchillas

I know, it sounds like the setup of a terrible joke, but it happened. I was at a department training this week, and I was talking about how the chinchilla inexplicably likes both Dr. Who, which was weird enough, but now Star Trek the next generation.

me: "I don't get what a chinchilla could possibly get out of the sci-fi television, but she like presses herself against the bars"
Spanish teacher: "Well they do come from like Machu Pichu"
German teacher: "Ah, it's like Von Daniken says! The aliens must have left the chinchillas there thousands of years ago!"
Me: "you know, that would honestly explain a lot about the chinchilla. "

honestly they even kind of look like little alien faces when they look at you.

in other chinchilla updates, the other day she actually rode around on my shoulder briefly, which is pretty unusual behavior for shinchilla. she's actually been pretty tame with me ever since the giant bald patch incident, so i guess that worked out in my favor really. like if i'm lying on the floor she will crawl all over me and stuff. I mean, there is lots of treat-giving, just to be honest, but if letting the chinchilla double-fist cheerios is what it takes, then there you go.

also, via the internet, i have determined that she is a hetero beige chinchilla, amusingly enough, instead of just a light gray. her coloring is more yellowish than bluish, and she has freckles on her ears.

as we speak, she is actually up on my dresser, watching herself in the mirror as she grooms her whiskers. Shinchilla is a pretty, pretty princess, apparently.

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