October 2nd, 2014

bunny fail

Senga the damaged goods guinea pig

Senga died sometime today while I was at school. It wasn't sudden; she had been slowly eating less and less, and for the last two days she's basically done nothing but lie on her blanket and watch TV with me. She was 5 or so, which is really good for a guinea pig, especially one whose first year involved some clearly terrible owners.

Kenpig was a surprise birthday present to myself in 2010, when I went to buy pet food and somehow ended up with a second-hand guinea pig that the petstore wanted somebody to take so badly they made her nearly free. She'd been pregnant when her first owners bought her, and then dropped off outside the petstore overnight with her first litter and pregnant with her second (because they hadn't separated the babies, I guess). She was super skittish at first for ages, understandably, but after a year or so she really came around.

Senga didn't care as much about TV as the snowpigs do, but she would sit beside you and watch whatever if you scratched her nose once in a while. She watched all of X-files with me, and in the end seemed to enjoy the new Cosmos the most (apparently she enjoyed the dulcet tones of a well-spoken African-American man). She liked strawberries the best and sweet fruit in general, and kind of thought the snowpigs were idiots, but would come to the side of Datte's cage to let him sniff at her through the bars some of the time.

wah, pigs ;___;

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