October 31st, 2014

love is so cannon

their love is so cannon

happy halloween and all that, I guess. I spend the night at a football game and it was /so cold/ and now that I'm back inside half of me is still cold and half is too warm, like I can't normalize.

I didn't write anything for Halloween this year, although I will re-link the two scary stories I wrote the past two years, both of them Kisumai:

Closer -- Senga + Kisumai, where strange things start to happen when they get a new dance studio.

No Place Like Home - Nikaido/Yokoo, where Yokoo moves into a new apartment and Nikaido can see ghosts.

I'm going to start NaNo tomorrow I guess...I don't feel that enthused about it. or anything. I'm also super busy this weekend, including a grownup meeting I have to host tomorrow morning and then even more school stuff tomorrow night. SO BUSY. HATE. I haven't checked the schedule for writeins or anything yet, or even signed myself up on the website officially. why, I figure. I'm still on the fence about doing fic or not. I don't especially want to, but I also feel like if it's not something kind of easy that gets immediately positive feedback it'll turn into something else that's just draining me of energy.

I reread This Can't Be Happening at MacDonald Hall for no reason and it still makes me giggle all the way through. I only own three of the books, I should pick up the others. I'm sure they're cheap used. Now I need grown-up fic where they're living together and Boots is in grad school or student teaching or something and Bruno is supporting them by being the most terrible office employee in the world and Boots is intensely jealous of how Bruno's co-workers get to experience revolutions like three times a week.

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