December 17th, 2014

Gackt-chan needs ponies

and all the colors mix together to gray

*limps ever closer to break*

I have been so busy and I have all this junk to do so I can't get any of it done. I've kind of just thrown up my hands at school at this point because nothing I do is ever really enough and it doesn't honestly matter if level I takes their test now or after break because it's not like there's some other Latin teacher I have to get them ready for. Who cares when we get to 3rd declension? What's the reward for grading tests quickly? is it nothing? it's nothing.

also I'm making one level write a short story and said I'd do one too and somehow I thought it would be quick and it's...not turning out like that. OOPS.

JE Hols started posting and I've been reading a fair number of them, which is really nice. You should go read too! good stuff so far.

Shinchilla and I (who was acting weird and lethargic tonight D: ) continue to watch Star Trek NextGen and I enjoy pretty much character on it. So refreshing! Even the ladies are all pretty much good with me. But then Worf's badass girlfriend died and I was pissed for a couple days.

I think I have christmas mostly done since I went and painted pottery twice in a row, and then picked up some randomly hilarious junk at the Five Below. My older brothers are useless present givers so we stopped trading a few years ago, but I got some stuff for 3bro and for my sister-in-law. I did not time my knitting schedule well, surprise surprise, so not sure if I'll get one of the gifts done that I really want to before school ends next week.

I picked up the Josei 7 issue with the Snowmen poster and Snowmen!! they look so good! It's so nice to see them getting attention. I haven't flipped through the rest of the magazines I got yet, hopefully over break, along with the Jin and SHINee concerts and the OOR documentary I haven't gotten to either.

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