February 15th, 2015

jingle all the way

I'm the same age as season 1 Lorelei Gilmore

it was baby shower week, but I successfully completed all my friend duties including crocheting a dobby baby hat and a golden snitch baby hat. I ended up at both her school shower and her real life shower, and both of them were fun but i was out of people life changing event party energy by the end. I mean, I don't have a lot of that to start with, so. Anyway at least at this one there were strawberry owls sitting on rice crispy treat nests and that was adorable.

it's so cold right now, holy shit. Like it just sucks all the energy right out of you. During this epic windstorm we had last night I figured out where the air is coming through my sliding door and had to duct tape the door to the frame to make it stop, so hope I don't have to open the door for...I guess the rest of winter? sigh.

one of my school friends told me this week that she'd definitely quitting at the end of the year. this is the 3rd friend to leave in the last 2 years and I was like "that sounds like a great opportunity" out loud but really was thinking "seriously you can't, it took me 9 years to make 4 real friends and 2 of them have already left and you just can't." But I can't do anything about it. which makes it the same as...everything, really. sometimes Sanapig is lying on the floor of his cage and he looks up at me like he's so tired and sad, and I am just like, "me too, buddy."

So my tax refund came and I used a chunk of it to get a bigger, permanent chinchilla cage. it's coming next week or so, and it'll probably be a work in progress for a bit cause I have to get all new levels and shelves for her to hop around on. I'm gonna stick the old cage in the playroom so when chinchilla baby-sitting is an utter failure at least my mom can shut the door and not worry the chinchilla will die. I feel a little dumb spending serious money on the chinchilla, but she will be my life partner for the next like 14 years so why not. New cage will be much easier to clean too. Did I mention it's gigantic? It's gigantic. stupidly gigantic.

but it's not like anybody else lives here so the giant chinchilla cage is fine with me, along with my christmas tree I have no will to take down and the framed idol poster that make me look like an idiot.

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