March 5th, 2015


Short-time frame fic exchange thing

I've been trying to figure out how to cross the short, popular nature of shiritori (which has a bunch of people, yay!) with the good parts of fic exchange, like getting to write for somebody else and getting something back. Last year a couple of us on twitter just did a mini thing where we picked a person and wrote for them and it was due by the end of the month? I'd like to start something like that on at least a semi-regular basis. That way people could drop in or out if they wanted to.

So Midori and I decided we'd just go for it, and if people want to join in, awesome! And if this month is no good for you and you're interested, we'll try again next month!

It'll work something like this:

1. comment below if you want to play this month. list some stuff you'd like to receive and whatever you'd like to write at the moment (see below for more note about requests).
2. Depending on who turns up, either we'll just pick what we want to do, or if there's enough or people want me to, I can sort. But last time we did the mini-twitter one, we just picked ourselves.
3. You have until March 31st to write and post your fic. It's not anonymous and you can post it wherever. Near the end of the month I'll put up a post for people to link their fics on.
4. There's no word minimum since the time frame is short. Whatever words it takes you to fill the prompt or request is fine.
5. If you finish your first one quickly, you're welcome to come back here to look at comments and either write something else for your person or else fill any other request that you want. Even duplicate request fills are fine.
6. For this first round, if there are any particular rules or features you like in an exchange or writing game, mention them. We might try different types of things month to month. Like I find anonymous frustrating, but if a lot of people like it, we can totally do it sometimes. We might also try a month of prompt-fill, where you don't have a particular recipient.

In terms of what you can request/offer, I'd like to keep it as open as possible, like shiritori is. So if people want to write but this month they're into Exo, or anime, or anything, that's fine so long as you can find something you want to write and hopefully somebody else can write something for you too. To be real, the common factor among most of us is Johnny's, but writing is writing. Let's try and see what happens?

You can ask for a specific fandom, group, or people. You can pitch some general prompts and see what happens ("A-kun confesses to B-kun at the beach"). You can ask for a rating, esp either porn or no porn, or just like a general feel ("I'm craving sadfic this month" or "I need a coffee shop AU stat"). I'm going to honestly just let people do whatever and we'll see what happens.

Lastly, if you might be interested but just not this month, you can comment and say that too! I'm definitely interested in starting something people can drop in and out of as it suits them.