March 24th, 2015

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Romans go home

OKAY YES LET'S TALK ABOUT RAVEN BOYS BOOK 1 AND HOW I NEED TO BUY 2 TOMORROW AFTER SCHOOL. I literally just went out and bought it. Also a pineapple tote bag. Because pineapples.


actually before spoilers, I was so annoyed that the Latin was bad. Just get somebody to do it for you! whyyyyyyy. I would have totally accepted that their Latin was bad, because high school students, except Gansey made such a deal over Ronan's being good, and also the trees' Latin was bad too. Noooooo. Get an editor!! HIRE ME.

Aside from being distressed aesthetically, I was distressed because now it will feel out of character to write them having good Latin, but otherwise I have to write bad Latin myself. nooooo. I'm hoping in the second book they get a new Latin teacher and suddenly realize their old teacher was shit. Because he was.

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So yes. GUSH AT ME. but watch it please because I haven't started 2 yet (well, I read the first bit about the weird plane but then I stopped because I have to get some writing done).

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