July 13th, 2015

hasshi needs a unit

Fic, JE, Born Under the Same Star

Title: Born Under the Same Star [Shintarou, Hashimoto]
Rating/Warnings: G, gen
Summary: In some universe somewhere, Shintarou and Hashimoto are the same age and form a cute duo unit thanks to their shared birthday. (AU)
AN: There is indeed a birthday shoot with these two when Hasshi is turning 15 and Shintarou is turning 11 (it's up on my wall), and I hope someday we get a grown-up retake of it. I think this is either Eri or Midori's fault, although I can't remember with who I started bullshitting about it. Happy early magic birthday, you two. I definitely hope the two of you get whatever birthday wishes you make this year.

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