August 12th, 2015

later bro hokuje

Gamushara report 8/11 both shows - Ga vs Ra

Since I had a long flight just the day after, I wrote down all my feelings. It's a lot of what I think about stuff that happened/people I saw rather than a concrete list of what happened, but in case anybody's interested, here you go.

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Also there was quite a bit of obvious SixTONES fan gear/representation, which makes sense given the two teams we saw, but I was glad to see it anyway. I really, really hope Shounentachi goes well for both SixTONES and Snow Man this year and that SixTONES can start building up some momentum again. I think having Gamushara back to back with Shounentachi is probably a good lead-up activity in terms of that, given the distribution of audience support/yelling that I witnessed for 6T members vs non-6T.
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