August 17th, 2015

baka6 group hug

Fic, SixTONES, Bara Bara no Jigsaw

Title: Bara Bara no Jigsaw [SixTONES (full group, gen)]
Rating/Warnings: PG
Summary: Even if all six of them have outgrown their Bakaleya days, there's no reason that they can't keep growing until they find a way to fit back together again.
AN: Repost of Wakamono fic. For elindar, who wanted "some general Bakaleya6 centric fic, maybe about what's happened with them lately and how they feel about being together again." Bet you didn't expect them to get a name suddenly after you left that prompt, but fortunately for you, that's how this fic was born. Initial interview with Hokuto and Taiga translated here and Taiga's comments more recently here were the inspiration for the title.

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