August 24th, 2015


Last day of Summer

kids start late, actually, but i set up all my trainings back to back to with my year-start days because of all the insanity this summer, so today is the last day of being not on school schedule. I sort of am back on a better schedule, but that includes passing out on the couch for no reason as if exhausted even though i've been doing basically nothing. but I also seem to be sort of sick, since I've had a sore throat for a solid week. I broke down and went to the patient care place near me yesterday morning. I wish it would stop, though, it's excruciating and nothing helps it.

I've been writing a decent amount at least, for shiritori anyway. It seems to involve Reia a lot at the moment, which I blame on the cuteness of him in person. I can't wait to watch whatever part of the finals Gamushara decides to televise, even if I'm more sure than ever that it's not a real competition. There's so much cool stuff going on this fall too, Kisumai cons and Shounentachi especially. It's a bummer I can't go to any of it (and didn't manage to see kisumai at all while I was there), but I'm happy SixTONES and Snowmen are getting to do stuff and I hope it helps them grow. Sounds like Snowmen, Kawai, and Kitayama had a great time in Singapore! I bet Kawai and Mitsu were super happy to work together again.

Catching up on seasons 4/5 of My Little Pony on netflix since I fell behind. It's still really cute~ not as much fun music in season 4, but I get that's expensive and stuff. Guess I've been spoiled by Steven Universe. I should do a rewatch of the second half of that before new episodes start too. It's a lot easier to just keep netflixing stuff though. And I'm not done catching up with Dr. Who either.

JE FQF has started posting! 6 fics are up so far and there's a bunch of days left of posting, so go enjoy that if that is your thing. a pretty good scattering of bands too (Arashi, HSJ, KAT-TUN, SixTONES and Jrs so far).

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