September 18th, 2015

jurishin so domestic

Fic, SixTONES, Whatever Floats Your Boat

Title: Whatever Floats Your Boat [Juri/Shintarou]
Rating/Warnings: PG-13? non-graphic mention of mermen eating people.
Summary: Merman Juri saves Shintarou's life, and somehow they end up together even though Shintarou can only visit on summer vacation and Juri's friends are dangerous sirens.
AN: Merman AU! This was supposed to be about Hokuto turning human because he likes Kouchi and Juri/Shintarou's flashback took over the entire fic until it was 8k of nothing but them. I haven't even started Hokuto's part, fml. oops? I cannot remember why Midori and I have been bullshitting in chat about mermen for like 3 weeks now, but she says it has to do with sexy mermen pictures on tumblr. Then I did seahorse research since the dudes keep live babies in a real womb thing and we decided that's why mermen have bellybuttons. honestly it's been a strange couple weeks.

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