September 26th, 2015


young heart born to the journey

I have so much school work to do so I'm procrastinating by making a post finally.

*school start was okay but this year is so, so much work. I have no idea how first year teachers do it anymore, because I'm ten years in and I'm completely overwhelmed. I've been staying at school late and taking work home, which I never do. I have no idea what normal people do. During our first meeting while our principal was listing all the things we have to do/document, my mentee teacher burst into tears. Here in week four, I'm ready to join her.

*I haven't eaten any sugar or carbs for like 3 solid weeks at this point. it SUCKS. but I'm down 9 lbs and 2-3 inches already so at least something is happening. I did one of those things where they send me all the food so I don't have to pack lunches, which was the actual goal, but surprise, it actually works. Debating ordering one more round of it even though it won't be nearly as cheap as the groupon made it. Since it's all frozen it'll last even if I just use them for lunches.

*Watching How to Get Away with Murder on netflix and I really like it, except for how it seems bent on showing me how all of them are really terrible people. Also (and I can't believe I'm going to say this because a lot of it is dude on dude) there's too much sex. the Law and Order bits of it are so good, I'd much rather have more of that. I'm also watching Person of Interest since 3 seasons dropped on Netflix and I like that a lot too.

*STEVEN UNIVERSE. new episodes and both of them have made me really happy. I'm excited for gem stuff to start, but I have to say that the side character stuff is good too. Sadie's Song with Steven in drag was so perfect XD I hope this show never changes.

*Not that I'm seeing either of them, but Kisumai cons and Shounentachi are both making me so happy. Miyatama wedding, of course, but just how happy they seem and how this tour seems about group unity. I feel like I finally, FINALLY got my kisumai back. And Snow Man and SixTONES both seem to be doing so well with their stage show. It's such a good experience for them, and I know both groups are working as hard as they can to show what they can do. 6T makes me smile every time I see them because they're so happy together. Like Kisumai fought to stay together, kind of, but they didn't fight to even start being a group. I guess T&T is the only thing kind of comparable to that. The change in Taiga especially is shocking; now that he's relaxed he looks and sounds so good. I keep thinking back to Taiga during Kisumai's debut tour and how his voice would be all shaky from nerves. All of them are growing up so well, but Taiga especially, just to see him happy is like a miracle.

Plus new songs for both groups ♥ ugh I almost forgot how exciting it was to get new songs when ebikisu were jrs. I hope we keep getting some going forward, and for Kinpuri too. Sure, it's sad when we lose jr songs because of various things, but I missed having them.

*Shinchilla fully recovered from her squishy poop issue. There were antibiotics which at first I had to hold her down to make her drink out of the syringe but she realized after a few days that it sucked a lot less if she just drank it herself. smart girl! She must have been feeling sick for a bit, because she's a lot more bouncy now. She even let me hold her kind of on her back to cut off a bad fur mat from her belly, which is a pretty big show of trust from a prey animal with abandonment issues.

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