October 1st, 2015

easier than energy jelly

when I pose they scream and when I joke they laugh

it got cold finally and I'm really psyched about it. Blankets! hoodies!! summer's fine but i'm too fat for it really and also school is a struggle when it's warm and humid for a variety of reasons. The sooner we get to 'cold enough that I don't have to see so much student skin' the better.

no sugar/no carb continues apace. This week was my monthly luncheon with all the teachers in my hallway and I thought I would just have to give up the day as a loss but honestly it wasn't as hard as I thought to pass on the mac and cheese and the lasagna (it just looked so heavy and ehh it was still too warm). I ate meatballs that I brought, and then some buffalo chicken dip by itself and then some salad. I did break down and have a small piece of the oreo cream cheese pie thing somebody brought, which was the first rule I broke since this started 4+ weeks ago, so I don't feel that bad about it.

This week I haven't even been eating breakfast really? I take a cheesestick most mornings and sometimes I don't even eat it. lately I'm not really hungry half the time, so I guess that's good. Hopefully that will balance out the sugar cheating and I won't stall out for the week. Because I'm so sick of broccoli I could die, so the only thing keeping me going at this point is the surprising amount of week to week progress. Any time I get frustrated I just think about how many times I would otherwise have to go to the gym to lose 4 inches off my hips + how that would have taken 6 months instead of 4 weeks. Since I have no time, none, to even try for the gym, more broccoli it is.

New shiritori round! Still Team leader for Team 3 ( ^_^)b Since tomorrow's Friday I'll hopefully get my team started quickly. I should be starting tonight but I'm supposed to be doing schoolwork and even that isn't happening because I'm so tired.

I have had the fake pop song from last week's Steven Universe stuck in my head for DAYS. Shinchilla is very skeptical of me singing it over and over. have I mentioned every single SU song is amazing. ALL OF THEMMM. I sing Do it For Him all the time.

In other music news, I adore AAO and I can't wait to see either a perf or the PV! It's so bouncy! And so much Miyata! I feel like the vocal balance is way better than usual. And Zig Zag Love was so much fun to watch ♥ so glad they filmed it early in the show run before everybody got run down/injured. Can't wait to see 6T! I'm so proud of all of them at the moment. I hope they get to do lots more stuff in the upcoming year, both groups. although maybe rest up first!

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