January 9th, 2016


You'll have plenty of time for feeling terrible after we're back at the temple.

This week was Steven Bomb! Oh man, I was so excited for my show to be back!! I sort of wish we were on a regular tv weekly schedule, but ehh, since they're only 11 minutes maybe a week of back-to-back is better than the drag between episodes of full weeks.

Are you watching this show yet?! It has ladies and excellent songs and hijinks and awesome ladies and Steven. Steven is perfect. He gets it from his dad (who in a canonic conversation was told that his problem was that he prefers one gigantic lady to lots of regular ones).

spoiler cut for this week's flail condensed into one post: Collapse )

Ugh it's so flawless uuuuuugh.

Also this week I watched both Seven Days movies, since the second one just got subbed by Aarinfantasy, and oh man. They're a little slow but SWEET and CUTE and oh my god the kissing. The second kissing scene are the best movie kisses everrrrrr. It has a happy ending and nobody dies and nothing weird or violent happens, so I recommend it whole-heartedly to you. The only other BL movie I can name that's no angst/no weirdness is Ai no Kotodama (which I also recommend).

I like kissing so much. I don't know why there isn't a softcore studio that makes tons of money just filming guys having awkward dates and holding hands and kissing and did I mention being awkward. You would have to pay dudes way less to do that than fuck each other, I have to imagine, and I cannot be the only person who would throw so much money at them. (Dear JE you could just film Genki/Jinguji walking around, that would be close enough, because if they are not for serious dating I will eat this pen).

I have to have to finish JE United this weekend, which is like maybe half done, because once school started i was useless. And my online class starts a week late so I even had the week off that, but it didn't matter. Last night I fell asleep for two hours on the floor during chinchilla time, which let me tell you is NOT preferable. Craaaaaash.

I'm going to start a temperature blanket, which is where you crochet a row a day for whatever the temperature is that day, so you get like a crazy rainbow thing at the end. i barely had to even buy any yarn (because I'm a hoarder) so I have 12 colors that are kind of muted rainbow rather than crayony. A friend at school is doing it too, so I used the internet to dig up what the temperature was at noon so far since Jan 1. If my birthday was closer, I'd start from there, but it's not until april so ehh.

I am gonna bake the no knead bread tomorrow, and I hope it doesn't suck because I'm not supposed to be eating bread anyway. But I have all this bread flour I accidentally bought instead of all-purpose.

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