January 12th, 2016

it's a kitty

Haven't heard sound for days, hoping this fever breaks

At the moment I'm randomly obsessed with these two songs: Sirens by Nieves (that link's to the whole EP because yes) and Forest Fire by Brighton.

I made awesome meatloaf, despite the fact that both intended eaters of said meatloaf flaked out on me at the last second. Actually all 3, because my dad was supposed to come get some and then he backed out too. Well, that's fine. I'll enjoy all the meatloaf myself. Alone. Because chinchillas don't eat that.

Also it snowed! First snow! but it got me out of nothing, though, so not THAT exciting. When we get the first snow day, then i'll be excited.

I started the temperature blanket. After some discussion with lunch group, we realized you would never get to all the colors if you did a whole row, so I decided on 100 stitches in each color. I did the first 11 days worth yesterday to catch up while I mainlined Nurse Jackie (that's kind of ironic). Hopefully that will carry me far enough into summer to need all my colors. It's kind of all a hot mess but cute, though.

First class tomorrow night for new semester and I'm kind of nervous, but by chance we're starting with an author I read with my students all the time, so that should be okay. But seriously, I'm stretched more or less to the max at the moment, so if this class is any more challenging than last semester's (which was zero percent challenging), I don't know what I'm going to do. Cry, I guess. Meanwhile I continue to ceaselessly create new stuff for all of my levels at school in a panicky sort of right-against-the-wire way, which is a skill that nobody appreciates, let me tell you. Lately I despair of ever reaching a point where it's not like this always. Even when I finish making this junk, next year they'll just force me to do something else.

I wrote Seven Days fic over on Shiritori (Go At Your Own Pace) because I'm still not over that kiss scene. Sooooo cute. So nice to have a BL movie that isn't sad or violent or just bizarre.

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