January 20th, 2016

nago wataru

kamen rider pineapple is having issues

I'm supposed to drive up to visit Amy sat-sun, so OFC now it's like oh hey lets have a snowstorm. Unimpressed, Zeus. UNIMPRESSED. Stuff always arrives later than they say, though so I'm kind of hoping I might skate in right under it.

I think Shinchilla is engineering this somehow so I can't leave.

Kira is watching every Toku show under the sun at the moment (the title of this post is one of her comments about Gaim), and so I ended up starting Kyouryuuger, which is the one about dinosaurs. It's fun! Usually I go more for Kamen Rider shows, but I like King and also Ian's shadiness. Plus the song is really catchy.

Class this semester is much more interesting, which is great, but it's also going to be a lot more work, clearly. Better a hard good class than an easy annoying one, but I'm just not sure I have it in me with this school year the way it's been. More than half the students in my class already picked their project topics and books to review and I'm just like, don't you people have jobs?!

I've been crocheting a bunch of these slouchy urban beanies, like I made one for secret santa and now people at school think they're cool or something XD they're super easy and really forgiving, so even if you're a beginning crocheter, you should give it a shot.

okay i am going back to watching more dinosaurs because blooooob.

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