January 26th, 2016

nago says keep the hat

hurry and go back to the forest

Despite the crazy snowstorm, I managed to sneak up to NYC just before it hit and hang out with Amy for the weekend. We watched my Kis-My-World DVDs and her Digitalian DVDs. I was super impressed with Arashi's concert by the way; I like them enough but they usually don't impress me. I just thought their concept was super cool and I liked all the songs, and the wifi uchiwa were AMAZING. oh man, I hope other groups start to do that because COOL.

KMW is really good too XD I love those duets so, so much. It's hard to put my finger on a couple things I liked specifically about it -- I just felt like in general it was a much more even concert in terms of a lot of things, that all the members were treated more equally, and that everyone was doing more things that they wanted to do personally. Also i liked this album more in general. Everything felt more like them.

Well and Tamamori and Miyata got married on stage so there is that. It was everything I wanted and more. unlike this batch of Busaikus I just watched, one of which was a student confessing to teacher theme. nooooooooo oh god, that makes me so uncomfortable.

Had a couple days off work because of the snow but I have to go back tomorrow so it's going to be a little painful, haha. I wish i could say I did a bunch of stuff but mostly I crocheted and watched Kyouryuuger (which I sang the theme to successfully at karaoke, weirdo dinosaur names and everything). Sentais are a little goofy, which is why I usually prefer the Kamen Riders, but I'm enjoying this one a lot. Also I enjoy how unambiguous who I am supposed to ship is (Red/Gold, Green/Black, in case you needed to know that).

And x-files started! I watched the first one yesterday and might watch the second one tonight before bed. Are they on some weird schedule or something? Why were there two this week?

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