February 6th, 2016

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Fic, Kyouryuuger, On Various Matters of Etiquette

Title: On Various Matters of Etiquette [Daigo/Utsusemimaru]
Rating/Warnings: NC-17, warning for battle injuries?
Summary: Daigo would have been fine taking Utsusemimaru home just for fun, but it's fine by him if Utsusemimaru wants to teach him about some brave samurai traditions as well.
AN: Spoilers up to about episode 20. So I started watching Kyouryuuger and I ship Red/Gold so much it's pretty ridiculous. Daigo is so much fun! Ucchi's ponytail is so yankable! Also I want his sneakers. And all of this is kira_shadow's fault for falling down the Toku hole and dragging me down with her. Kyouryuuger is super fun and you should watch it!

also I had to do a bunch of research for this, so if you want a good and entertaining article about Samurai on Samurai love, here you go. The title of this is from Saiseki (Silkworm Hatchling), a 1600's manual about these sorts of things.

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