February 16th, 2016

haters to the left

if i declare myself dictator for life maybe they will just assassinate me

in today's funny news, my new next door neighbor came over to ask if he could pay me to use my wifi until the end of the month when his is scheduled to be turned on, so I wrote down my network's name/password for him, and I wrote "(all lowercase)" underneath the password. So he comes back over a couple minutes later to say he can't log on.

He was typing the words "all lowercase." I was like, oh sweetie. ahahahaha.

In grownup news, half my building hates me right now, and at least half of my irritation comes from the fact that this is the story of my life in 3 steps:

1. people tell me I should be in charge of a thing because I don't put up with bullshit.
2. some people are bullshit, and I refuse to put up with it.
3. people tell me how mean/terrible/bad at this thing I am for not taking their bullshit.

Honestly I wish they would all start hating me enough to kick me out of my position, because I really don't fucking need it. God, if only they would rise up and depose and do it their own fucking selves, so that I could just stay in my room, which is all I wanted to do in the first place.

I finished watching Kyouryuuger and cried about four times during the last two episodes. IT'S SO GOOD. If you like toku at all, you should watch it. Actually, even if you just like awesome leaders and badass girls and questionable sword training and you don't mind the mecha dinosaurs, you should try it anyway. I wish Daigo was my leader in real life.

I read Captive Prince in one sitting and then had to wait a week for the second book to get here uuuuugh. So I'm going to start it in a minute here, but I cannot stay up all night like I did with the other one because I'm already cranky enough this week, and also I have a class presentation tomorrow.

I saw Deadpool and thought it was pretty fucking good. I was totally surprised when Collapse ) And I was there with RL, non-fannish people, so I couldn't even turn to them to be like OMG DID YOU SEE THAT??? Because too much explaining. It's not even a thing I'm especially into, I just was psyched to see it.

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