February 26th, 2016

Kitayama says no clubs

every morning i ask the chinchilla to trade me jobs

expectation: what's the worst they can do, fire me from doing this volunteer thing that I hate anyway? Good, i want to be fired.
reality: they fired the only person who ever helps me instead. WELL PLAYED.

There's an early West Wing episode where Josh says "I'm so sick of congress I could vomit" and that's exactly how I feel about a lot of people I could name at the moment. This morning I just sat in the car and cried before work because I swear to god I am at the absolute end of my rope.

I am going to spend all weekend sleeping and it still won't be enough. I can't even name an amount of sleep that will come close to being enough. I'm not even sure one weekend will be enough to make it so that I stop hating the face of every adult that I have to look at.

I'm useless for anything except for watching Gravity Falls. It's sort of like a harmless, funny version of X-files sci-fi type stuff. I just want to hug Dipper all the time, and Mabel cracks me up. I can see why I was seeing so much crossover art and stuff for Steven Universe/Gravity Falls, because Steven and Mabel would love each other. I've been trying to catch up with Busaiku and Gamushara some too, although I'm so far behind on Busaiku it's kind of stupid at this point.

I wish I had more Kyouryuuger to watch. or more Captive Prince to read. I should start rereading Raven Boys though, since we're finally coming to the release date of the last one. I still haven't pre-ordered mine, even. Ehhh.

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