February 29th, 2016

Suga Asahi

The Ace should shatter any wall

I feel like I used up all my emotions for the whole month on fannish stuff this weekend, between the Haikyuu! chapter, the Check Please update, and then marathoning pretty much all of Gravity Falls.

Check Please I can summarize as yesssssssssss.

New Haikyuu! chapter I will have to cut Collapse )

so then I watched Gravity Falls basically in about 3 days, and you should watch it too because it was really good. The characters were enjoyable, the music was good, it had a nice sci-fi creepy vibe to it (for something that aired on the disney channel anyway), and it was meant to stop at the end of the second season so it had a clear narrative arc and good pacing.

Somehow by the end of it I was crying over Great Uncle Stan. MY FEELINGS. Collapse )

so yeah, it was so good, mainlined like that, but I'm so sad it's over!

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