April 2nd, 2016

Roommate Fail

Illegal Bidet

THIS WEEK. oh my god this week.

A bunch of other stuff happened, but it was the kind of stuff which is annoying but super tiny so you can't even tell anybody why it's annoying, but then after all of that I came home really late from school to find my entire bathroom and hallway flooded. It was amazing. Turns out my upstairs neighbor incorrectly installed, wait for it, an illegal bidet.

at first the problem seemed just outside the bathroom, but by the next night it had clearly soaked all through my carpet and was coming up under everything heavy in 3 different rooms. so two bookcases are probably ruined, all the chinchilla's play stuff had to be flipped over to dry in the kitchen, and now i have piles of books/stuff covering every surface of the rest of my apartment. I've been wearing the same t-shirt for two days because I can't get to my dresser. I have industrial fans blowing under my carpet and I have to leave them there until Sunday so I'm sure this electric bill is gonna be fabulous. Also their job is to dry everything out so I woke up with a headache and a nosebleed this morning.

I have to do schoolwork all weekend~ both for school school and grad school. i hate everything~ it's the end of the quarter and everybody took a test i have to grade on top of their stupid projects~

In more hilarious news, one of the teachers i have to meet with had a concussion a couple weeks ago, so I have to keep texting and calling her to make sure she remembers that we talked about meeting. This is my third phone call and she hasn't remembered any of them so far. Her husband keeps telling her they have a new hot tub and then laughing when she believes him over and over.

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