July 2nd, 2016


Where is Kawai to sing train station names for me

On the Shinkansen headed from Shin-Osaka to Tokyo so I thought I'd say some stuff about the concerts this weekend while I'm sitting around doing nothing.

Non-spoiler Japan stuff first: IT'S SO FUCKING HOT. I know that's going to happen but it's really like you forget how bad it is every time until you are actually here and that first burst of air hits you in the fact.

My flights were uneventful, thankfully, and Toronto's airport is NICE. I wish the layover weren't 4-5 hrs but otherwise, I'd consider this route probably every time since I can fly from my home airport. The last domestic flight from Tokyo to Osaka was a giant mistake, though, because my ears closed up during the first flight and never reopened, and when we took off that third time they HURT. Like sharp jesus christ i am crying on a plane hurt. it took two days for them to clear, so yeah, 3 flights in a row is clearly past my limit.

Had a nice visit with Amy who was nice enough to let me stay with her and we got to do goods early, which was fun because of just getting to chat and also getting to buy my own goods for once. Also got to see En and Rachel a fair amount, and met Katie and Juju both of whom were really nice. Looking forward to seeing them more in Nagoya next weekend.

last thing outside the cut: poor nika fell on his face very first thing friday, very first ramp. POOR NIKA. Took him a second to get up too, looked like it hurt. I hope somebody kissed it better later.

Non-spoiler concert stuff: I'm still kind of sorting it out, and there were big changes from fri to sat, but I thought it was pretty strong overall. I liked the theme, and the Screamers turned out to be so cute aww, and the effects and costumes ranged from really nice to mm it's not the worst. I had a nicely central view both times, if not especially close, and I'm interested to see if they change any of the staging for Nagoya.

Esp since on Friday they were clearly not done setting up the stage uhhhh. Well, first day is first day, as Mitsu said.

actual concert stuffCollapse )

Hm, I guess I'll stop. I haven't seen Kisumai live since debut tour because the timing has been bad, so it's really amazing how much they've grown. Also I've never seen very first show/venue before, so it is interesting how much got changed even in the first two shows. Like you can see them thinking "shit shit" when staging is weird or something doesn't work, or the juniors are all bunched too much in one spot, and I'm sure they had an incredibly late night Friday night watching footage and rehearsing fixes.

Once I get to Tokyo i'm meeting up with Kira and seeing Basara! I have no idea what Basara is about! lol stage shows are pretty whatever.
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