July 19th, 2016


most useless person alive

the problem with giving me unlimited free time in the summer is that I basically do nothing with it. Since I've been home from Japan I've been alternating between getting up at 8am and 2pm because getting to sleep all I want doesn't change the fact that I'm used to being awake for 18-20 hours at a time. The guinea pigs and chinchilla just side-eye me whenever I come out to give them hay because I can't settle on a schedule and stay on it.

All of the animals survived my parents baby-sitting, even Shinchilla. Although my mom did move shit around in my apartment despite being instructed directly not to, and they lost an interior piece of my vacuum somehow. I was like "doing weird shit in my apt will not save you from future chinchilla babysitting, so you can stop."

I've been playing Pokemon Go, but that week+ gap before I could start means all the gyms around me are pretty unapproachable, and there aren't a lot of stops/gyms around me. I essentially have to drive to them. Not that I'm not doing that, but it feels like cheating. Also creepy because a lot of them are churches, so lurking around is uncomfortable. But yesterday I drove 45min to have lunch with a teacher friend and there were a bunch of different pokemon around her (around me it's all pidgeys, weedles, and rattata). Also, honestly, it's just been too hot this week to go out and do anything, much less wander around for more rattata. Although there is a drowzee lurking around my building which I want intensely but can't track down.

I won't lie, though, it was really funny to be walking around with 3bro outside my parents house catching shit together. If you actually have RL friends, I bet this game is amazing.

I have been writing a fair amount for SASO and Shiritori, which is nice, and I finally broke down and updated my website, which I haven't done for like 2 years. I still have a ton of shiritori's to add, which seems insurmountable, but all the other stuff is on. It's stupid that I let it drag out so long, but the last update was one of the last things I did before the breakup so mentally the two things are tied together.

And I started catching up on One Piece, although i'm back on 634 which is...pretty far back. Oops.

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