November 28th, 2016

chinchilla dictator

rodent vs footwear

the chinchilla doesn't like it when i wear socks.

every winter we go through this, where it finally gets cold enough that I have to be wearing socks during chinchilla time, and the chinchilla takes this as her personal invitation to ATTACK MY FEET WITH IMPUNITY. The first winter I thought, "maybe she's never seen a sock on a foot before and thinks it's eating me and i need to be freed" but

A) the chinchilla is not anywhere near that altruistic, and if by now our relationship is good enough that I think she might save me from something if it were easy and not at all scary, it surely wasn't that good two years ago.

B) she's way smarter than that. she knows that's my foot in there, I know she does, she's just being a jerk. she's so smart she's pretending to be dumb so when i yell at her she can be like "whaaaat? i don't know any better! I'm a silly rodent!" Just like she fakes not understanding what i'm saying when I tell her not to chew the door/baseboards for the 1000th time.


Watched the men's short and free programs for the NHK Trophy (I had to switch my VPN to canada so i could stream it, but I managed), and I enjoyed all of that. I'm looking forward to the finals in a couple weeks. Yuzuru is an amazing little darling, but the best part is him breaking 300 total points, turning to his coach, and saying "I still want a few more." His coach was like "I KNOW YOU WANT A FEW MORE, SHUT UP."

After the babka, I made Mac and Cheese with cornbread crumbs for thanksgiving and holy shit it was amazing. I recommend doing that.

NaNo is only at 11k because I am the worst, but it's okay, I'll keep working on it. Cubeverse is fun. Yasui just tasered Genki in the bit i just wrote. Being a ghost hunter is a hard life.

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