January 2nd, 2017

mouse doom

good job making it to the new year

can somebody either confirm or deny that if i duplicated my lj when i started using dw that it's basically backed up already? I used to use that ljarchive thing more regularly but i recall it always being terrible.

I don't really care about the thing in general, because hardly any of my friends are still over there and I'm mostly checking my flist for JE comms and shiritori, but i've been LJ permanent for so long that i'm not going anywhere until the whole site goes dark. and at that point my concern will honestly be what we do with shiritori.

I guess move it to dw? That's where SASO was. idk. i feel like i'm too old to get worked up about internet stuff properly, and also I doubt intensely anybody in Russia cares about the silly fic we all post. If i can migrate the thing i guess I will, assuming I even have enough mod powers to do that, and if not then I guess we'll start over in an emergency.

anyway, my holiday was low-key and peaceful, I don't travel since my parents are local, and I can't believe it's my last day of break already. I mostly spent it writing ridiculous Yuri/Otabek when I should have been working on United, and rewatching YoI accidentally several times over. I enjoyed Rogue One a lot, and also took my mom to see Sing, which was cute. 3bro took me down to DC for a day to have ramen and sushi at two places he likes. We tried the Russian Roulette sushi plate and I got the wasabi piece on the very first try, pfft.

I spent New Years with the chinchilla, watching the Twilight Zone marathon, which is, I assume, how I'm likely to spend all of them. 2016 wasn't the worst year of my life, but I don't see any reason 2017 will be much different. I appreciate the stability, at least. I'm in the middle third of my teaching career, so I don't anticipate much upheaval there, and almost halfway to my PhD. It's hard to explain this in a way that doesn't make it sound like I need some sort of intervention. I wish I were happier, but I don't wish it at the expense of sometimes being much sadder, again. So I guess this is the way things are.

I will say that SASO was a large bright spot this year because it's the first thing that's made me feel connected to fandom again in a long time, and I really needed that in contrast to how stupidly lonely i feel in RL like 90% of the time. I started using Ao3 more for the same reason, although that's less connection and more like strangers giving you a high five, but it's something. I don't feel any shame about how much validating I get/want/need from that. YoI fandom, specifically, has left more comments on two fics in the last week than I think I've had in a year anywhere else, so there is that.

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