January 6th, 2017


Chocolate Box Exchange Letter

Thanks for writing for me! I hope you got something you wanted to do!

About Me
I'm Mousi and I've been around since HP fandom in like 2003 (god I'm so old). I've been mainly in Johnny's Entertainment fandom for a long while now, but I love shounen and sports anime, so once in a while something sticks.

My AO3 is [archiveofourown.org profile] mousapelli but the easiest place to search through my insane amount of fic is on Kira-Kira.net, my website. The newer stuff will be on Ao3, though, because I'm not the best at updating.

In General
I'm really easy, honestly. If you write something that you enjoy, the odds are that I'll like it too. If you need more guidance, I tend to write the kind of thing that I enjoy reading so you can read through some of the stuff on my archive. In general I lean towards slice-of-life, banter, group fic, that kind of thing.

Friends/teammates hanging around, group setting, banter and teasing, boys just hanging around and doing stupid stuff together, hijinks. I love group setting, so friends at school, or rinkmates, teammates or university friends, that kind of thing. I like all kinds of relationship fic like confessing or getting together or established or moving to next level, casual hook up turns into something else, pretty much anything is fine. Gen is okay too? If it's got a good hook to it, like about character development or people growing together, or something like that.

I actually really like horror or scary stories? Like ghost or supernatural type, not gory. But unless you have a GENIUS idea I'm not sure I'd want to see one with any of the fandoms/pairings I signed up for.

I don't hate AUs but I prefer fic that's close to canon (aging up is all right, though). I'm not intensely kinky and I don't read a lot of stuff with toys, serious domination, fetish things, etc. I can take tense or sad fic so long as it's going to come out all right in the end, so unfixable things like character death or major injury aren't any good (although see above how good horror/scary fic as an exception). I'm not into ABO at all.

You do you. I love porn, sure, but if you end up with slow burn friends to lovers and all I get is some kissing, I can live with that for the sake of good build-up and/or plot.

Honestly I feel like I already said what I had to say about these fandoms on the form, but here are some more thoughts if you want them:

Yuri on Ice
I'm super into the Yuri/Otabek at the moment (i don't have a weirdness about their ages, but if you need to age them up for you, that's fine). There's just a lot of ground to cover there with living and different countries and training and Yuri's growth spurt about to happen. I love language/cultural differences in general in this show. I love how Victor/Yuuri are something in between friends and mentors to Yuri and I think it'd be interesting to explore how that relationship changes as Yuri gets older and the age gap narrows. For Victor/Yuuri, both fic set in the spaces of the series and fic about the next year in St. Petersburg are both good. Trying to figure out how they're going to live together, where they're going to live, just working out logistics. You could really write some amazingly hot, established relationship sex for these two.

I threw the Yuri/Yuuri/Victor in because I feel like it's interesting but I don't see myself writing it (that's unusual). You would definitely have to age up Yuri on this one, please. You might even need to AU their ages some because that gap is crazy big.

Check Please
The short thing says it all here. Haus bros! Bits baking. Chowder loving the Sharks. Bits and Jack trying to be quiet and sneaky (they aren't sneaky). How did Rans and Holster become best friends anyway? The team chirping one or both of them for the loud sex and being like "what time did that chick leave, damn" and Holster mumbling into his cereal that she left really freaking early while Rans suddenly remembers he has to do any other thing somewhere...else. People wearing each other's jerseys (so hot). Nerd glasses.

When I watched this, I thought a lot about how Haru and Rin both needed their teams really badly, and how they would have probably been better off as people if Rin hadn't gone away for so long, even if it made them better swimmers (they can make up for it now, though). Also that Rin ended up super happy at Samezuka and any kind of dorm shenanigans or team bonding would make me really happy. For Nagisa/Rei I think you could write really adorable getting together fic where either Rei is a basketcase trying to confess (meanwhile nagisa already knows) or else he's completely oblivious while Nagisa is using all his wiles to get them together. What do they even do their senior year with the others having graduated? Rin and Haru trying to figure out each other at the same time as they deal with university and a professional career and olympics, or else how they've already figured out how to work together even while Haru struggles to cope with change while Rin is always running towards it. Being best friends. Being angry with each other and having other best friends to turn to.

Raven Cycle
Magic! Oh man I am in for the magic. Especially with the Ronan/Adam there's so much cool stuff to talk about with dream magic and Cabeswater and I'm sure Ronan re-dreams that thing basically right away just for the sake of meeting Adam there. I'd take either during the series fic here, or else if you want to explore how they handle going to college or whatever Adam and Ronan are going to do, or how they spend there last summer in between, it's all good. But magic, though.

Macdonald Hall
You could do anything with Bruno and Boots and it would be great. School fic, university fic, summer break fic. I can never decide whether it's more satisfying if they figure out they're in love while still roommates or if it's separation that brings that on. Bruno has to be ENTIRELY DRAMATIC about it. Boots has quietly known about it forever but was waiting for Bruno to figure it out. Dorm 3 trying desperately to hook them up when secretly they're already together, or else trying to keep them apart (because shared walls) when the two of them don't have a clue.

I'm not sure if this matters, but I really wanted to request Haikyuu but then couldn't because the pairings were too weird (I did offer to write it, though). So if that is your jam, I am totally into Suga/Asahi, Kuroo/Tsukki, Ukai/Takeda, and also think Bokuto is amazing.

Thank you again for writing for me! I hope you have a good time!

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