March 23rd, 2017

bunny fail

the only thing All Out here is me usually

so after being at the panera for 3 hrs, i realized i had left both my wallet and keys in the bathroom in the first ten minutes i was there. WHY SO STUPID, SELF. Happy ending: the counter lady had them. Everything was fine. I nearly cried, and she gave me a cookie because she felt so bad for me. For real, self, you are too old to do shit like this.

uh hi i haven't posted here since chocolate box letters pfft.

Still writing a ton of Yoi, including an inexplicably 12k of Leo/Guanghong for White Day. but mostly yurabeka.

Currently watching ACCA (not short for anything) which is about spies and best friends and bread and smoking and best friends who are spies. and photography. and toast. and coup d'etat. I wish I could nominate this for SASO.

SASO IS SOON. well sort of. I'm insanely excited for it because of how much fun I had last year and how I have new fandoms this year to read/write in. I think we mostly have our team together even! I'm psyched. And I'm trying to watch enough All Out to make it stick but I'm having some trouble uh falling asleep immediately so I have to keep rewatching episodes.

I got an incredibly drastic haircut that i'm probably not keeping, but it's all short on the sides and long enough to spike on the top and longish down the back. En says in Japan they call it a 'wolf cut' although neither of us knows why.

also I feel asleep and didn't post this last night! all the failure.

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