April 8th, 2017


Couture took a puck to the face

Everyone seems to be having an LJ crisis around me and I'm just...not. Russia owned the thing for years already? Clearly people can do what they want with their own journals, but if you already abandoned the thing years ago, I don't see the point in coming back to delete it. They already had your data. You're just creating a bunch of dead links.

For me personally it feels unpleasant to have a string of those on my flist. It's like having a friend you haven't talked to for years come back just to say "I'm REALLY not talking to you, BYE FOREVER." I realize there's probably no difference either way, so my feelings are basically irrational. If you're doing the thing, I'm not trying to guilt you or whatever, I just. idk. feel unpleasant.

And I resent the added chore of figuring out if/how to back up shiritori or maybe even JE100, because I already have 900 things to do and fucking around with DW vs LJ is not one of them.

My current grad class is ruining my LIFE. I've never done this much homework for anything ever. It's taking me hours every week, like it's all I do the whole weekend, so I've managed to start zero percent of my final paper, read zero percent of the research for it. I accidentally turned in my presentation write up a week late because fuck my life. at least the marking period is over and also my annual observation, but next is Latin Festival which is a big font of fuck everything, landing right after my annual hatred of birthday week (or as it is called around here, Thanksgiving week, part 2).

Also I think I might be addicted to Sheetz's cold brew coffee. I've been there so often in the last two weeks that tonight i went to the other Sheetz because I was embarrassed. I think the people at my regular one know me.

SASO nominations are open. And hey the Sharks are in the playoffs. Ideally they'll perform better there than they have been the last couple weeks of the regular season, yikes.

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