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Adolescent Pet Survey

For my Adolescent Psychology class, I have chosen "Adolescents and Pets" as my research topic. Adolescents, just to clarify, have been identified in my class as between the ages of 12-25.

Because most of the source articles I am turning up have to do with animal therapy in adolescents who are seriously emotionally disturbed, or have serious illnesses, I have decided that it may be more effective to gather my own data, and that my Livejournal would be a more effective place to get a wide variety of participants, since my UVM classes are primarily Northeastern upperclass people age 23.

I would therefore appreciate it greatly if you would take a few minutes and comment to this entry about the 6 questions below. It should only take you 5-10 minutes. If you wish to comment anonymously, that's fine. If you wish to email your comments to me directly at mousapelli at livejournal dot com, that is also fine. You do not have to be an adolescent to answer the questions, reflections about your childhood are perfectly acceptable.

1. What is your general age range? (0-10, 10-20, 20-30, 30+)

2. Where did you grow up? This answer can be as vague as you like, but should include a geographical answer (such as the Southwest, California, Nigeria, etc) and a comment about the type of home (such as an apartment, a house, a dormitory, etc).

3. Did you have pets growing up? If not, was there a specific reason why not?

4. Give a brief summary of what sorts of pets you had and when you had them. Feel free to be either specific ("I had a cat named Fluffy from 11-18") or give a broad idea ("We usually had two or three guinea pigs at any given time").

5. What did you like about having pets? What didn't you like? If you didn't have any pets, what did you think you might like about them?

6. Share a favorite memory or two about a pet you have had.

Please pass this around to as many people as possible. I'll need to start analysing results in a little over a week.

Also, don't let the fact that this is a survey dissuade you from discussing each other's comments on the post. The chitchat will probably be just as helpful as the survey itself.
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