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Thursdays are the worst invention ever

Not only is thursday the day i go Montpelier--Latin Instructing--Library till midnight, today I have to stop by the transportation office for my parking pass (so that i might BE the latin instructor) between 3:45-4, follow a student around all day for a literacy case study, and have a PADA meeting about my professional growth. *tears hair*

I showed up to my kid's first period class, where the teacher stared at me like I was crazy.

me: "This is english, right?"
teacher: "....yes...."
me: "you have [my kid], right?"
teacher: ".....yes....but he only has this class on Tuesday."
me: "Really?" *peers at schedule, which lists this class every day*
teacher: "......yes......"

I need an icon that says something about professional development, but I'm not sure who should be on it. Mugen, maybe?

so anyway, the sekrit projekt is almost done! yay! locked posts may appear to those I asked things of, either today or tomorrow.
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