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NYC recap

So it was an interesting overnight trip to visit christina yesterday. The freshmen caught me trying to sneak out, so i put two of them in charge of making sure nobody died in an alcohol incident. 4 hours in the Legacy and a giant fake sequia later, and I was in Purchase, otherwise known as "No White Plains".

So we went to this bar called CODA to see some vaguely homosexual artist called Gradien that Christina likes. He was good, even if he did fondle his guitar a bit too much. Immediately after he left the stage, however, things took a turn for the worse. The bar began playing the WORST music ever. But epifanio and Shazeb did actually manage to meet us there, which was something of a miracle. Leaving was a bit of a problem, however, because the waitress was holding christina's Visa hostage.

So we escape the club, and decide to go to some random party one of Christina's friends was invited to. In Astoria. Astoria, if you were curious is not even on most maps of Manhattan. So five of us pile into Epifanio's Geo, while the person actually invited to the party takes the subway with another person. On the way to Astoria, we passed four different streets called "23rd" before finally locating Ditmar.

The party was suspiciously Lancaster-like, but it was in somebody random's NYC walk-up apartment, so it felt cooler. There, while Epi had a very polite catfight with the bitchy girl who had ridden with us, Christina and i chatted with Adam, a figurative artist from North Carolina who had Mayan symbols tattooed on the inside of his forearm. He also had blue flames going the WHOLE WAY around his upper arm. I was exceedingly impressed. He seemed bemused by Christina's drunken attempt to explain why Stainless Steel was her favorite color.

Around 3 we finally leave the 'party' and attempt to drive home, which is an interesting process because Christina has no idea which way home is from Astoria. Meanwhile, epi's radio is broken, so Shazeb leads us in loud drunken choruses of "My Heart Will Go On" and "Like a Virgin" along with many other 80's classics, esp anything by Duran Duran. We get the whole way home before we remember that Christina's car is still at the Rye train station, so we then take another little joyride.

We went to bed around 4. About 5:30, I am jarred from sleep when christina's television falls on my head suddenly. Whether it was trying to murder me or it just wanted a little lovin' is unclear, but i had gotten tangled up in its cord somehow, and I was unable to get it off, although i did manage to push it off my face onto my chest. Christina wakes up and is like "Whazzat?" as i flail ineffectually beneath the TV, accidentally turning it on at one point. Finally, she has to come over and lift the appliance off me, and it ejects its tape out at her in defiance. After this, i then had a dream where Drew Chen and I were caught in the middle of a turf war and abducted by the Crips, who i thought were Asian. I also thought the Bloods were Hispanic. Epi informed me otherwise the next morning when i was relating the dream.

the boys came down to wake us up around 1, and we finally got around to making breakfast at like 3. In the course of this, Christina kept demanding we put honey on random things until i called her the Gourmet Nazi. After she demanded something of Epi, he said "I guess that makes me a Gourmet Jew!" This was followed by a long moment of silence.

After watching about half of Moulin Rouge, I headed back to Lancaster, where one of my residents has put a crapload of furniture in the hallway and replaced one of the couches in the lounge with a bed. Maybe the TV told him i put out?

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