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waaaah *sniffles*

sociofemme has deserted me to party in Lancaster. Bah.

i had a brief fantasy of updating the site, but then i realized that I have no idea how i'm going to put the Sekrit Projekt up there. Instead i made a bunch of secrets for pot_secrets.

I have not written a single word of the 8-10 page research paper due monday. *fails copiously* but i did laundry! and cleaned the rat! and vaccuumed! why don't i get a grade for any of that?

but i did give a lecture about the class system to five different Latin classes yesterday! and as a result am ridiculously sick (who knew constantly sucking in air that comes directly from 60 latin students during cold season would be bad for you?). At least it's over the weekend. and I made enough beef stew to kill a land mammal.

my Newtype USA for october has not arrived yet. Grr.

Why is Atobe Keigo my new vocal boyfriend? speaking of, the character songs for KKM are going to start coming out soon, starting with Yuuri. Because I completely need another fandom with freak in-character jpop. NO REALLY I DO.
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