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why being a teacher will be great

I just tricked a kid into looking up something voluntarily in the dictionary.

So, they were working in groups to translate paragraphs in my last period class, and one kid kept just blurting out whatever words he wanted, and so i started asking him directly what words meant, and when he didn't know, i told him he had to look them up rather than me just telling him.

"But it's hard!" he protested, dragging his feet so that it took a ridiculously long time to do, but i made him do it anyway.

So then he asks, "wait, where are the friends of Jason in this story?" and since the story was about Hercules, i said that I was pretty sure he'd made them up like most of the other words he liked to use. He denied it vehemently, and when I again expressed disbelief, said, "HA I'll show you!"

and cracked open the dictionary.

It took him like five full minutes of fierce concentration to locate the word, and then it turned out he was right after all, and he says "see, i told you! what do you think about that?!"

"Student," I admit that i was smirking, "you just looked something up voluntarily in the dictionary. With FERVOR."

The kid froze utterly for about a split second, staring in horror at the finger still poking at the word on the page, then exclaimed "NUH UH! you're LYING!"

Across the room, my mentor teacher laughed for the rest of the period.
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