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Hmm, maybe something to do

I went to get gas, and as I was waiting for the person in front of me to move forward enough for me to use the pump, i took note of the station wagon beside me, which contained two high school girls and three high school boys.

There was giggling, as several of them got back in the car from getting sodas inside, and passing around of a cell phone, and the most transparent flirting ever, and mid-giggle, the girl driver attempts to pull out...

...yanking the end of the gas pump so that the hose tears off.

yes that's right, she hadn't unattached the gas nozzle from her car, and had pulled the whole thing off the pump. Now, some of you may know about my instant karma and thus that I will surely surely pay for this, but god help me, I laughed until I cried.

I didn't feel quite as bad when the boys in the back climbed out to try and fix it, and they were laughing as hard as i was while the girl stomped her foot and sniffled girlily.

NOTE: Only meupatdoes will understand why the subject line is funny.

NOTE 2: While typing this, I turned on the TV and after a few minutes the Sci-Fi channel came back from a commercial. Some blonde girl in a tank top squeals, "Is it gone?" and a guy with bulging biceps and a semi-automatic weapon grunts, "It'll be back. Once it feeds."

and then the bar across the bottom reported that what I'm watching is entitled "Curse of the Komodo". Oh, how i love Saturday TV.
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