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I watched about 8 episodes of FMA over again, all the Scar ones and then the very last one, because it turns out there's a craptacular, and yet subbed, version of the movie floating around.

I didn't mind the awful quality, because I wanted to know so bad what happened. What I minded was, well, the movie.

It lacked a lot of the magic that made the series great, and a lot of the wonder. This is partially because more than 75% of the movie takes place in the non-alchemical world, which is very grey and very 1920s Germany, and Hughes was a Nazi, which made me want to kill somebody. And where was the Envy and Hoenheim love? I had to see Gluttony and Wrath schlepp their sorry asses all over the damn place, but no Envy? this sucked.

I didn't like the 'yay, everybody's here but not!' trick they were trying to pull by having the parallel people show up everywhere. I would've much rather spent time with the real people, which felt to me like they were jammed in haphazardly just so we could say we saw what they were up to. The one exception to this was Armstrong running some sort of political campaign in Lior *guffaws*

and the deal with Mustang just puzzled me, honestly. You expect me to believe that Hawkeye let him hare off on his own to stand in the snow being some kind of countrified policeman until his toes fell off from frostbite, whilst pining for Ed? I mean, just, wtf? Things shaped up by the end.

Speaking of the end, bleargh. Much like the series, the end left me feeling confused, grumpy, and upset. While I'm glad they brothers get reunited and Al gets his memory back, the fact that they were then stuck in the gray, no alchemy, winryless world made me want to break something. It just seems poorly thought out to me; clearly if you make a gate, you should have some way to close it that doesn't involve ending up exactly where you started. GRARG. And WHERE was my big sappy Elric hug? Wheeeeeere? I was totally set to bawl like a freak when Ed finally saw Al's restored body, and I got nothing.

The bright spot? Al. So much Al. So pretty, and so woobie in Ed's coat and with the hair. There needed to be like five times as much Al in this movie (and not so much of the fake 'I'm dying of the hiv' Al who was clearly jealous that Ed would be taking himself back to the other Al for sex, since he threw a tantrum like a little girl about it). I thought the putting the pieces of his soul into the horcruxes suits of armor was a little unnecessary, but it wasn't the worst thing ever. Certainly I was much more grated by the non-explanation of Ed's re-missing limbs.

Perhaps my problem is that I don't think i really get the end of FMA. So, the energy for alchemy comes from people dying in the other world, through the Gate? so if you fall through the gate, or offer yourself up to it, and you don't get eaten by the strange baby things, you fall through to the other earth? How did Hoenheim get through before, wasn't that where he was? Why isn't there any alchemy in that world? and if there isn't, why does it suddenly work with the circle and the blood and Envy?

It's not so much even that I don't get it, as I don't get why I should care. All this weepy, hardcore, magical, hilarious, brotherly action has all led to this one moment, but then suddenly everything Ed learned from Scar and Ishbal and Rose and Mustang all ceases to matter, cause he's stuck in this other world. And Al can't even remember it and starts all over again. Just, why? Why is there this other world that is so superfluous and poorly thought out, especially when the explanation for everything else is so GOOD?

so the movie just feels tacked on to me, since it deals, essentially, only in the bits of the series that I felt were kind of tacked on in the first place, and didn't particularly enjoy. But I would have put up with it if things worked out at the end, which then, of course, they didn't.

So anyway *shrugs* it was okay. I'm sure i'll own it eventually. i should have stopped watching as soon as he gets to the other side and everybody exchanges soulful glances.

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