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a tiny bit of music spam

There is something incredibly wrong about the fact that I'm listening to Wolfram's seiyuu sing a pop song. no really, it's not right.

I need to do a crazy jpop music post, cause I have tons of shit that I love right now, and some of you should be sucked in and embrace the jpop/jrock/jmetal. It sounds just like ours, guys, and there's TONS of it.

But for now, because i have to go to class, I will post this:

Happy Goody--Kikumaru & Oishi (mp3 version)
Oishi and Eiji's seiyuu don't have the most stunning voices in the cast, but this duet is SO CUTE and cheerful, I adore it. I love the warm, rich guitar and the litle Oishi echoes.

most of you probably had the wmv, but i converted it so it could live on my ipod; feel free to snatch the mp3.
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